Game Design

Hello !!

Game Design Class Photo:

Upper Row: Left (Teacher) Ms. Stacey, Wyatt, Luis, Jason, Lewis, Jonathan, Cristo, Cheney

Lower Row: Jacob, Aiden, Oscar, Triston, Lillian, Grady, Tre', Daniel

Students all chose their Avatars to express their own creativity and identity.

First week of school

  • Went over rules of the class room.

  • Game Review Assignment Due Tuesday

week of 10/3-10/14 Theory & team building

Student finishing their block chain coding lessons up to 6 lessons., preparing for national hour of code event. All made sure they downloaded the necessary programs to begin building our games. other students are creating small stores on scratch.

Each student is needing the following as part of the class

Epic Games ID




We will be working on story development for our own game creation. Team game on Friday was Among Us.


This is where we will be posting class information for parents/caretakers to stay up to date on what your student is doing in their class. More to come!!