Speech * Debate


Welcome to Speech 2022-23 Class

Upper row: Ms. Stacey (Teacher) , Kevin, Adrian, Zach, Miguel, Triston

Lower row; Kiah, Destiny, Lilly, Alayna, Ahtziri

Week of 9/5-9/9

  • We examined how speech and songs are basically the same.

  • Chose our favorites songs, to give as a speech.

  • Finished about me mini-project.

  • Started our speeches.

Week of 9/12-9/16

week of 10/10-10/14 This week we did impromptu jibberish speeches, to focus on tone, loudness and gestures. Most student felt pretty confident going into it but realized pretty quick how long 30 seconds can be standing up talking in nonsense words.

Students are preparing for their big speech on a topic of their choosing, needs to be persuasive.

Week of 10/17-21

We worked on our Personal Platform Statements: Each student had to think about their what values are dear to them as individuals or subjects, and have a ask. Once they had to do that, they had 60 seconds to make their statement to their partner who would decide if they would approve their request based on their Personal Platform Statement.

topics chosen were as follows.

  1. Medical Care

  2. Extra-curricular

  3. Mental Health Funding

Voice over exercise: Purpose of the exercise was to get them more comfortable speaking and creatively dubbing dialogue .

Below a group dubbed over Minions clip.