Student of the month

Colin Tiemeyer

Colin 100% deserves this honor, voted on by the staff at Lake Quinault. He is a bright light! He has grown into such an amazing young man and I’m looking forward to seeing where life takes him. ~ Mrs. Mabey

- Colin Tiemeyer-June 2024

Adriana Calderon-Ochoa

Adriana is a great young lady! She works hard and puts a lot of effort into her work. Adriana is kind and considerate, going above and beyond to be helpful. ~Ms. Walker

- Adriana Calderon-Ochoa - June 2024

Edwin Morfin

This student is a dream come true. There isn’t a thing he wouldn’t do and never complains. He is hard working, has wonderful manners and the best smile EVER! I love having him in my class and hope I can have him every year until he graduates. ~Ms. Barb

- Edwin Morfin - May 2024

Noah Fowler

Noah is a pleasure to work with. He shows up to class with a great attitude, ready to work and persevere through challenging problems. ~Ms. Walker

- Noah Fowler - May 2024

Lewis Anderson

Lewis “Hood” Anderson has come a long way in all the years I have had the pleasure in teaching him. He has become very respectful & responsible. I have been very impressed with his progress in becoming one heck of a good guy. ~Mr. Crater

- Lewis Anderson - April 2024

Mason Pope

Mason has done a great job this quarter in ELA. He has switched from having weekly missing work to turning everything in on time. He is focused and working toward his personal goal. His writing shows understanding of the skills we are working on. Mason continues putting forth extra effort in Math class. He participates in class discussion, asks questions in order to understand, turns in accurate work, and takes advantage of extra credit opportunities. ~Ms. Zora & Ms. Walker

- Mason Pope - April 2024

Thomas Santiago Cortez

Thomas is a hard-working, diligent student. He has a great personality, a wonderful sense of humor, and shows respect to everyone. Since coming to Quinault, Thomas has impressed me with his determination to learn and his motivation to be successful. I have no doubt that he will achieve all of his future goals. He is a great addition to the Thundering Herd and we are fortunate to share our classrooms with him. ~Mrs. Marshall

- Thomas Santiago-Cortz - March 2024

Addison Nelson

I am so proud of Addison! She always brings her "A" game to class and tries her hardest on whatever we are doing at the time. Fun fact: she has one of the greatest laughs I have heard in my entire life, it is infectious! Keep up the great work! ~Mr. Kenney

- Addison Nelson - March 2024

Oscar Estrada

Oscar is a star in all of our eyes here at Lake Quinault School! He is always pleasant, responsible and reliable. We have all watched Oscar grow into such a kind young man over the years and we couldn't be more proud of him. Oscar is currently doing an Internship through our school in the Horticulture class and he is on track to graduate with flying colors. Congratulations, Oscar, on being voted the student of the month by all of the staff!  ~ Mrs. Mabey

- Oscar Estrada - February 2024

Ruger Nelson

The ROOGE is one student that what you see is what you get. He is always sincere. I don’t think there is a mean bone in his body. I really have enjoyed Ruger Nelson in my classes this year. He has pushed himself every day for Reading Time in my classes & has improved his vocabulary skills. ~ Mr. Crater

- Ruger Nelson - February 2024

Adrian Corder

Adrian “The Add Man” Corder is one heck of a great person as well as student. He is always friendly & helpful. I could not ask anything more of a student than one Adrian brings into my classroom with his positive influence. ~ Mr. Crater

- Adrian Corder - January 2024

Lucas Aguilar

I am so proud of Lucas getting student of the month! I have known Lucas since he was a baby (wow, that means I'm officially old!) and he has grown into a really nice kid. He always has a smile on his face and is willing to put in the work it takes to succeed in the classroom. I know Lucas will do great next year as an 8th grader. ~Mr. Kenney

- Lucas Aguilar - January 2024

Adan Morfin

Adan is just one of those people that brightens your day with his smile and positive attitude. He is so deserving of this honor! Adan has worked hard the past three years, moving ahead a grade and taking extra classes so he can graduate this spring! He is also doing an Internship with the athletic department and you will see him operating the scoreboard at the basketball games among other duties before and after the games. We are all so proud of this young man! Congratulations Adan! ~ Ms. Mabey

- Adan Morfin - December 2023

Magaly Ortiz-Pena

Magaly is an outstanding student.  She is kind and hardworking and comes to class every day with a good attitude.  I really enjoy having Magaly in my class, she is a joy to teach. ~Ms. Walker

- Magaly Ortiz-Pena - December 2023

Isabella Cockerill

Isabella “Sushi” Cockerill is motivated beyond belief. She is the kind of student that jumps on a project as soon as she can & gives 110%. I really respect her work ethic & appreciate how much she contributes to my classes. ~Mr. Crater

- Isabella Cockerill - November 2023

Issabel Foss

I am so proud of Issabel for getting student of the month! She is such a hard worker and a genuinely kind and thoughtful young lady. Issabel has a natural aptitude for science and she is a great roll model for her classmates and peers. Well done Issabel, keep it up!~Mr. Kenney

- Issabel Foss - November 2023

Destiny Baxter-Cook

There is so much I can say about Destiny! First off, she is so sweet. She is always ready with a smile, a greeting and a sparkle in her eye. She is truly a leader in our school and we are lucky to have her! She recently interviewed for an internship at our school and she blew us away with her poise, confidence and positive attitude. Congratulations Destiny! You deserve this honor! ~Mrs. Mabey

- Destiny Baxter-Cook - October 2023

Aiden Plute

Aiden Plute is known as “The Doctor” because his only prescription in school is for a double-dose of success. He is an amazing student who is always striving to be the best & rise above. Love having Aiden in class. He is a spectacular student. ~Mr. Crater

- Aiden Plute - October 2023